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Consultant Engineers

Dynamic Analysis - Static Analysis  - Support Design - Bellows Specification - Spring Support’s  - Snubber Specification - Vessels

Mail: info@ductgrove.co.uk?subject=Website contact

ASME B31.3

We have proven Technical Expertise in the following:

Providing Design Solutions a pragmatic approach to technical challenges.

We are currently working on projects providing Piping Engineer & Stress Analyst skills also providing the functional input as the Space Management Coordinator; this work also includes leading other engineers, to ensure engineering delivery meets scope, time, cost and quality.

Stress critical lines - from the project line lists, which provides the scope for the pipe stress analysis calculations, which I produce and also check and approve all documentation within my current piping & vessel group.

We can produced Engineering Specifications and Basis of design documents.

We can also be involved in  attending client model reviews, I also plan the Design Reviews for the client  and can attend appropriate HAZOP meetings, constantly using engineering safety principles via design (CDM).


Piping Specifications

Line lists

Valve Schedules

Plant Item List

P & ID reviews